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Whisker Stress as explained by "Friends"

Whisker Stress as explained by "Friends"


Whisker fatigue continues to be an issue that cat owners have little knowledge of. It can be easily explained by the popular TV show, “Friends”.

Do you ever wonder what the point of your cat's whiskers are? There are several but one is to help get around furniture. Imagine the whiskers are Ross for a moment:

Source: BuzzFeed

Additionally, it helps our friends locate their food and we know how much our cats love to eat… almost as much as Joey:

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When you present your pet’s food in a high edge bowl, it makes them feel a little:

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The format of the bowl causes the cat’s whiskers to bend while eating, causing discomfort (and preventing your pet from finishing their meal).

However, by using Dr. Catsby’s bowl, your cat will start looking at it like this:

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The bowls are designed to pool food in the middle of the bowl and has a shallow surface to relieve stress on the cat's whiskers.

As a result, our Catsby cats are known for embracing their inner Chandler with their food:

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No more hurt whiskers means time to chow down:

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And now you know:

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Happy #WhiskerWednesday!