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10 Famous Cats That Need Dr. Catsby

In honor of this weeks #WhiskerWednesday, here are some felines I think could use my assistance.

1. Felix the Cat

The original cartoon cat was known for running all over the place so his whiskers would have been essential to his success.


2. Salem

If anyone would have benefited from a wide-set bowl, it would be him.


3. Garfield



4. Sylvester

He spent all of that time dealing with Jerry running around, he deserves to at least be able to enjoy his food.


5. Snowbell

Snowbell would insist on having only the best.


6. Grumpy Cat

My bowl is guaranteed to turn his frown upside down... maybe.


7. Puss

The adventure and traveling never stops for this feline and when I think about everything he's gotten into, I shed tears for the state of his whiskers.


8. Si and Am

Mrs. Darling wouldn't dare to let these two feed from anything but stainless steel.



9. Mr. Bigglesworth

If he was worth 1 million, then my bowl would go right along with him.


10. Mr. Tinkles

After taking over the world and making everyone allergic to cats, I hope he would use his fame to at least educate the world about whisker fatigue...


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