Dr. Catsby

10 Ways Owning A Cat Is Good For Your Health

We all love our cuddly felines for their cute faces but there are great benefits to being a feline owner.

1. Reduce your risk of having a stroke by 40%.

2. Cats can help relieve your stress levels.

3. In pain? A cat's purr can help ease that.

4. You can lower the chance of developing allergies in your children by owning a feline.

5. There are instances where cats have been used in therapy to help children suffering from Autism.

6. Those who owns cats have a lower cholesterol.

7. Cats also help improve your mood and sedate depression.

8. Owning a cat also reduces your social loneliness.

9. Not sold? There are studies that link owning cats to a lower chance of cardiovascular disease.

10. And finally, cats leave less of an impact on your carbon footprint. 

Happy #WhiskerWednesday!

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