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10 Things I Loved at Global Pet Expo - Pet Product News

Dr. Catsby was featured on Pet Product News in their Global Pet Expo recap article!

"I had the opportunity to learn about the Dr. Catsby bowl at Global Pet Expo. Inventor Loren Kulesus described how his cat tended to eat kibble only from the center of his bowl. Eventually, Kulesus discovered that the cat was suffering from whisker fatigue because his sensitive whiskers touched the sides of the food bowl. After taking several measurements, Kulesus used a 3-Dprinter to create a bowl that would not stress his cat’s whiskers. The bowl worked on the first try, and Dr. Catsby was born. I love stories like this because they show how much our industry is dedicated to making pets happy."

Read more here: http://www.petproductnews.com/Blogs/Blog/10-Things-I-Loved-at-Global-Pet-Expo-2016/

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