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For National Cat Day, Help Us Help Shelter Cats

For National Cat Day, Help Us Help Shelter Cats

Did you know that October 29 is National Cat Day? I was thrilled to hear the news, and celebrated by picking up a can of Jade’s favorite tuna. I’m writing this from my cozy bedroom, where two human friends, two cat friends, and I are drinking hot coffee together. It seems a perfect way to mark the occasion.

I don’t just want to celebrate on my own. I want to celebrate with my Dr. Catsby family. That’s why we on the Dr. Catsby team chose today to make an exciting announcement: We’re working on a Catlendar for 2018 – a calendar of beautiful cats for cat lovers to enjoy!

But this is an ambitious project, so we need your help.

Do you volunteer at an animal shelter in the New York area? Did you adopt your cat from a small, local shelter that you love? We want to hear from you.

You see, the Catlendar will be specifically geared to benefit shelter cats. We want to feature pictures of adoptable felines from a shelter you love. And in return, we want all the proceeds raised from Catlendar sales to benefit worthy, local shelters.

So, write in! Email me at, or send us a message on the Facebook page. Help us make this Catlendar happen.

Who knows – maybe by next October, you’ll mark National Cat Day on your Dr. Catsby Catlendar with a picture of a furry friend from your very own local shelter.

Happy National Cat Day!


Hannah and Jade