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When it Comes to Cat Food Bowls, Steel is Best

When it Comes to Cat Food Bowls, Steel is Best

When it comes to cat food bowls, steel is best

As any Dr. Catsby bowl owner can attest, the shape and depth of our bowls are designed to go easy on the whiskers, curbing problematic behavior like pushing food around out of the bowl, and letting kitties eat their meals in comfort.

But, there’s another element to the design of Dr. Catsby bowls that is just as important – they’re made of stainless steel. Why is that so important? It prevents a condition called feline acne.

What is feline acne?

Feline acne is a skin condition that affects cats, usually around their chins and faces. It can be as harmless as blackheads or as noticeable as large, draining pustules. At its worst, feline acne is painful or itchy for the cat who’s plagued by it.

What causes feline acne?

Some cats are just prone to feline acne because their skin produces an unusually high amount of oil or they get frequent bouts of dermatitis. Other causes include:

  • Poor grooming
  • Medications or conditions that suppress the immune system
  • Bacterial overload.

Bacterial overload is the most common culprit.

What causes bacterial overload?

When a cat experiences feline acne, the vet might recommend washing the kitty’s face with gentle soap or, in more severe cases, they might prescribe antibiotics. Regardless of how severe the case, though, the vet will almost always recommend switching to a stainless-steel food bowl, and staying away from plastic. Plastic food bowls are a very common cause of bacterial overload and, by extension, feline acne.

What’s wrong with plastic?

In short, plastic retains bacteria too easily. Even though plastic is non-porous, it scratches very frequently, making it much more susceptible to bacteria buildup. In fact, studies have found that plastic food bowls tend to harbor more bacteria buildup even with regular cleaning, since a sponge and dish soap can’t clear bacteria out of deep scratches in the bowl’s surface.

Plus, plastic often contains a chemical call Bisphenal A, or BPA, which has been linked to all kinds of health problems like chromosomal disorders, neurological issues, diabetes, obesity, and even cancer.

Why is stainless-steel better?

Unlike plastic, stainless steel is hard to scratch and doesn’t absorb liquids. That makes it easier to clean effectively, preventing bacteria buildup, and thus preventing feline acne!

Dr. Catsby food bowls are made from food grade stainless steel. They’re BPA free, easy to clean and sanitize, and gentler on your kitty’s face. The material we make Dr. Catsby bowls from is the same material used in milk pasteurization, beer breweries, and eating utensils and dishware for humans. That’s because we believe our feline friends deserve as sanitary and safe of a surface to eat off as humans have.

With love,

Hannah & Jade