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Dr. Catsby Food Bowl for Whisker Relief

We have made our final tweaks to our bowl design for manufacturing, created our new branding and currently working hard with retailers to get our product out!

Please follow us here and at the links below so we can keep you posted on where you can find Dr. Catsby’s Food Bowl for Whisker Relief.



Dr. Catsby,  Erik and Loren



Cat owners are always looking for the best to offer their furry friends, from their bedding, to the toys they bat around, and especially food. But you may not be aware that the dishes cats use are just as important as what they’re munching on.

Straight, high-sided bowls can be harsh on whiskers and can lead to a little talked about condition called whisker fatigue, or whisker stress. When their ultra sensitive whiskers are forced into repeated close contact with tight spaces their experience can range from a daily nuisance to being extremely painful. And it’s why you may have noticed food left behind in the bowl but a still famished cat, food aggression towards their buddies, or why cats picks up their food and eats it off the floor, creating a mess along the way.

A smartly designed bowl can put an end to your cat’s mealtime misery. Dr. Catsby’s Bowls are created by two feline loving, renowned industrial designers from the cat’s point of view. Featuring a wide but shallow dish, it’s easy for cats to access their food without pulling back their whiskers to avoid agonizing contact. A subtle top lip keeps food from being pushed out, which means less fuss and muss for you. Clean, simple design is a cinch to wash and will fit in a variety of decors, featuring cat-friendly colors will mean happiness for you both.

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