ATTENTION ALL CAT LOVERS: The wait is over! Dr. Catsby's Water Bowl is available right MEOW!

For Water

$ 19.95


The best companion for your cat's favorite whisker friendly food bowl from Dr. Catsby

  • Good hydration will keep a cat's coat shiny, as well as maintaining healthy, hydrated skin and organ function
  • Double-wall non-insulated stainless steel is durable and helps keep your cat’s beverage at their ideal temperature
  • Food grade stainless steel is easy to clean, dishwasher safe and lowers the risk of acne
  • This elixir of life bowl holds 16.5 fl oz / 488ml of water, more than an adult cat's daily use
  • Lightweight and deep edge for better water handling
  • Stylish design is the cat’s meow for complementing hydration and health

Product dimensions are 6.70" in diameter and 1.45" in height

As a medical expert renowned in the field of Whiskerology, it is my professional opinion that Dr. Catsby’s bowl will mean happiness for your cat – and you.